May 31, 2021

Let Your May End With the Sweet and Bitter 'Youth of May' Drama Quotes

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- Did not you hear what the coach said earlier? “Do not cross the line.” Why cross the line and get yourself into a mess?
- You must have missed some of the stuff the coach said. In long-distance running, it is okay to cross the line. You need to know just when to cross the line. That is what makes a good runner. And we run 1000 meters.
Do you want to go have some buttered bread at the bakery? Or do you want to listen to music at the coffee shop? We could also go to the bookstore and read some poetry. 
It is a picnic whenever I am with you (Hee Tae to Myung Hee)
I know for a fact that you'll be a great doctor. You are beating yourself up like this because you are a very responsible person. And people like that are hard to come by. (Myung Hee to Hee Tae)
- Hee Tae: I am not qualified to be a doctor. I chose this path because I wanted to treat the ill, but everything I touch just breaks.
- Maybe your heart is the one that is broken. You know, we do not decide who lives or dies. That decision is up to the Almighty. All we can do is do our best within the lines drawn by the Almighty.
- Hee Tae: I cannot deny it. Every time I meet you, I feel like I laugh more than in the past few years combined.
- Myung Hee: You say that to every girl you meet, do not you?
- Hee Tae: No, you are the first. After struggling with my life all day long, I feel free whenever I meet you. You are a really special person. I mean it.
- Hee Tae: My dream was to become an engineering professor until my mother fell ill. - Myung Hee: Then you should get a doctorate degree before you open an electronics store.
- Hee Tae: Whether I open an electronics store, work at a construction site, or stow away on a ship in Busan, I am fine with anything, so long as I am with you.
- Hee Tae: Whenever I turned the dial slowly like this, I sometimes heard a faint signal that sounded unfamiliar. That signal seemed like me. A signal that no one listened to and that floated around aimlessly in the universe with no sound or color. Until you found me like this.
- Myung Hee: Me too. Before I met you, I could not hear anything.
- Hee Tae: Whenever I think of you, Myeong Hee, I cannot help but sing.
- Myung Hee: Goodness. There you go again with those cheesy words. [But you cannot help but love hearing them, right, uri Myung Hee?~~]

I am so happy right now. This type of happiness was never something I could have all my life. It is like I am flying really high in the air until I suddenly crash. It makes me anxious.
- I am making so many people suffer just for my own happiness. That is why whenever I feel happy, it feels as if I have become a bad person.
- You should have told me. Why are you hiding your pain?
- You are hiding your pain too. You will seem regretful if I see you in pain.
- I have no regrets.
- But it is not like there is no pain just because we do not regret things. Even if we do not seem strong or happy, I hope we can show each other everything.
I do not want this May to pass by without you.
If a door closes, another one always opens.
- I guess this is why people write song lyrics. Since we cannot talk on the phone or look at a picture when we miss each other, the nights feel too long. Can I take your earring with me? So I can think of you.
- What about me? Should not you give me something too?
- I do not have anything to give you. Shall I rip off a button?
I know I should not have come. Whenever I think of you, I know that I will eventually cause you pain. But I want to be with you... And stay by your side. Can I come closer, Myung Hee?
- Myeong Hee, Hwang Hee Tae is not a good person. You should not get involved with him.
- But it is the choice I made. All my life, I put others first and gave up on what I wanted. I did not have the courage to do otherwise. And for the first time in my life, I mustered up the courage and chose Hee Tae. Even if people bash me for it and hurl stones at me, I will put up with it since I made the choice.
- Myung Hee: I am not the person you think I am. I am not the daughter of Changhwa Industrial either.
- Hee Tae: I know. The cheeky nurse from the ER, right?
- Myung Hee: I am the eldest daughter of a penniless family, and I dropped out of high school and took the GED.
- Hee Tae: I was born out of wedlock. My mom used to sing at nightclubs. But what is the problem with that? Thanks to our pasts, we turned out to be strong and interesting.
- Myung Hee (pretending to be Soo Ryeon): I am quite a picky woman. First of all, I have never done any work at home and I am not the type that stays home to support my husband. My career is more important.
- Hee Tae: I like that. My ideal type is an ambitious woman.
- Myung Hee: I will never have a baby either.
- Hee Tae: That is up to the woman, of course. I will not force you to do anything.
- Myung Hee: I will never look after my parents-in-law either.
- Hee Tae: No need to worry about that. My parents do not care about me at all. You are not as picky as I thought. I guess we are pretty compatible.

Find yourself a husband like Hee Tae!!!~
- Myung Hee: Why did not you say anything when you knew [I was not the real Soo Ryeon]?
- Hee Tae: If I said something, we would not be able to meet. I wanted to keep seeing you, and I still do.
- Myung Hee: You want to keep meeting me?
- Hee Tae: Yes, I do.

To be honest, it was not my first time seeing you at the hotel. I witnessed a car accident in front of the hotel. The whole time I was waiting for Ms Lee Soo Ryeon, I was thinking, "Gosh, who cares about this date? I should have talked to that girl from earlier. But then, you walked in as my date. You did not have to be Lee Soo Ryeon, the director of Changhwa Industrial. Even if you were Ms Song Mal Ja or Ms Kim Bok Soon, it would have made no difference to me. (Hee Tae to Myung Hee) 

They fit perfectly. How did he figure out your size? 


Myung Hee, you rock!
You pretended not to see anything when a young nurse was being sexually harassed. But now that I react, you are suddenly mentioning my duties as a nurse? (Myung Hee)
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(To be continued)

May 16, 2021

'Vincenzo' Kdrama Quotes That May Pick You Back Up After the Void It Left

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When I feel stressed or something, I come and read some dramas' quotes. To me, they are the place of healing with life lessons. How about you?~
A chance is reserved only for those who are worthy. (Jun Woo)
All the criticisms children give to their parents will come back as regrets. Do not do something you will regret. Regret is the most painful thing in life. (Vincenzo)
All this time we thought we were weak. But we were not weak. We just did not try to be strong.


At times like this, we must find out who their enemies are. Because the enemy of my enemy is a friend. (Vincenzo)
Before you fight, you must consider three things first. Their skill, their greed, and their cunning. (Vicenzo)
Destiny is not heavy, it is just you are weak. The weaker you are, the heavier your fate.
Do not talk about age. All age does is give you a lot of responsibilities. (Vincenzo)
Everyone! The real gold is in your hearts. (Ki Kyeon)
Giving up on a hopeless war will give you a new opportunity.
- Gyeong Ja: Life is not always rosy for everyone. No matter how hard you try, you rarely get your way.
- Vincenzo: It is probably because you are so full of excuses.
How can you be so proud of destroying the powerless? Why do not you quit being a lawyer and start anew as an actor? (Yoo Chan)
- How can you tell if I am repenting?
- You do not repent with words. You do it by showing how much you have changed.
I am going to hug you for ten seconds. Let's say I am testing to see if I have feelings for you. (Vincenzo)
I am still a villain, but could not care less about justice. Justice is weak and empty. One cannot win against villains with justice alone.
If merciless justice exists, I am willing to yield to it. Even villains long to live in a peaceful world. However, since that is impossible, I have taken up a new hobby. Getting rid of garbage. If I do not do that, people will die underneath the garbage.
There is one last thing I would like to say from a villain’s perspective. Evil is...prevalent and vehement. (Vincenzo)
I never make promises unless it's for business purposes. But I promise you this. I will come back. (Vincenzo to Cha Young)
I will join hands with Vincenzo. I will team up with a pro. (Han Seo)
I will make a decision I will not regret. (Han Seo)
- I was scared to death. Why did not you answer your phone? That is what technology is for. - I did not want to put you in danger. I am sorry.
- And what if I am? We are partners, so we should share the danger.
Justice is right only when it is impeccable.
- Love has no reason.
- It should. Everyone pretends there is no reason, but there always is.
- I prefer love that has no reason.


Only evil can punish evil. (Vincenzo)
- Paolo: Now that I am your boss, I would like to see you be more loyal.
- Vincenzo: I am already ready to show my loyalty to you as long as you deserve it.
People barely notice newcomers but you will notice a person's absence. (Mr. Nam)
Revenge should be done with a cold heart.
The only way to get rid of your anger is by fighting it. Stand your ground and fight back. Enlightenment is what you get when you win that battle. 
There are people who readily accept their punishment and there are those who are shameless even after committing crimes. In any case, only the kind-hearted and the weak suffer. Those who are truly weak endure the feeling of helplessness and rage.
There is a limit to pain, but there is no limit to one's fear. (Vincenzo)
True friends are like two souls in one body. Do not get hurt since it will hurt me, too. (Cha Young)
Villains never break up because they are intense - even when they love. (Vincenzo)
Vincenzo: You deserve to be my brother.
Han Seo: Thank you, Hyung. Thank you for everything.
What mothers cherish their entire lives are the beautiful smiles their children give them.
Whether it is a lie or an exaggeration, a good appearance is all they care about. (Junu)
You cure at me, and it is fine. We play hockey, and I feel at ease. And it just feels like I am drinking with a friend. That is how I feel. (Han Seo)
Your best source of protection is not a gun or a sword. It is your brain. (Vincenzo)
- You should have called sooner. Was not I your only hope?
- No. You were the 57th person I called.

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